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  • Thursday, April 29, 2021 2:08 PM | Anonymous
    Cindy Maus Art

    Before settling in Texas in 1980, Cindy Maus lived in the Midwest and on the East Coast.   She loves nurturing children and plants, with past careers related to both.  Now that her children are grown, she paints with soft pastels.  She loves the vibrant colors and immediacy of pastels and the way she can portray light with their lusciousness!    Studying with renowned and wonderful pastel artist, Enid Wood for the last five years has stretched Cindy’s boundaries and challenged her to try new adventures in this crone stage of her life.  Cindy’s impressionistic  paintings of florals, still life and landscapes are exhibited in central Texas and appear in private collections throughout the USA.

    Click here to see more of her art.

    Click here to see more of Cindys art.

  • Wednesday, March 31, 2021 3:14 PM | Anonymous

    Avie Perez

    As a young teenager, I found myself in the backyard surrounded by candles connecting to goddess earth. I continued my journeys and expanded my magic through solo travels to different power points of the earth. These multi-dimensional journeys, as well as goddess woman-hood are mostly what inspire my paintings. I am now living the next chapter of life as a mother to my 1 year old daughter in the Catskill mountains. 
    Susun Weed's writings and presence have been a major inspiration to me through the years. I am delighted to be able to share my works on this site.
    Some more pieces can be found here at my website:


  • Sunday, February 28, 2021 1:47 PM | Anonymous
    Artist Rebekah Dawn

    Rebekah Dawn is a ceramic artist, community herbalist, and death doula. She lives with her family at Labyrinth Gardens, a United Plant Savers botanical sanctuary where she offers monthly plant medicine making classes and weekly Friend's (Quaker) Meeting in the labyrinth to share silence. Rebekah seeks to communicate that which is beyond words through her work. She can be found on Facebook and on Etsy under her studio name: Mulberry Mudd. Though she always has pieces in stock she also welcomes custom orders that incorporate people's plant allies and animal totems.

    Contact Rebekah through those platforms or email her directly at: mulberrymudd@yahoo.com

    Mulberry Mudd.

  • Sunday, January 31, 2021 1:52 PM | Anonymous
    The Art of Kathy Crabbe

    Kathy Crabbe has been an artist forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty after five years painting with her non dominant left hand. This awoke her intuition in a big way. In 2008 she created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive soul readings that have touched many lives in profound and playful ways. Kathy lives in sunny Southern California with her pet muses and architect husband in an adobe home they built themselves.

    Kathy’s art and writing has been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, art fairs, magazines and books including the San Diego Women’s History Museum, We’Moon Datebook, and Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach to name a few. She has self-published several books, zines, oracle decks and ecourses and maintains a regularly updated blog, etsy store and portfolio site.
    Kathy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Queen’s University and a Graphic Design Diploma from St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Canada. She has been working as a professional artist since 1992. Kathy has been an educator and mentor at Laguna Outreach Community Artists, Mt. San Jacinto College, Wise Woman University, Inspire San Diego Studio, HGTV, Michelle Shocked’s International Women’s Day Show as well as teaching her own classes: “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul”, and New Moon Circles. She is a founding member of the Temecula Artist’s Circle, the Temecula Writer’s Café and the Riverside Art Museum’s Printmaker’s Network. Metaphysically speaking, Kathy has studied with Francesca De Grandis (Third Road Celtic Faerie Shamanism), Adam Higgs (psychic mediumship), Om, devotee of Sri Chinmoy (meditation), Atma Khalsa (yoga), Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive), Joyce Fournier, RN (Therapeutic Touch), Steven Forrest & Jeffrey Wolf Green (astrology) and she received certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy.
    Learn more here.

    Kathy’s 4 week eClass “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” is once again being offered at Wise Woman University so get ready to Moon Collage your heart out starting one week prior to the New Moon each month…more details here: eClass.

  • Thursday, December 31, 2020 6:05 PM | Anonymous
    Mystical Willow Art
    Colleen Koziara

    Colleen attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and currently lives her life in the near suburbs of Chicago living her dream of spending her days doing art and interacting with Seniors.

    Colleen has illustrated 25 books including Magickal Places (Citadel), Seasons of the Sun (Weiser), and Exploring Celtic Druidism (CareerPress/NewPage).  The most recent coming to press in the next year are The Big Blue Herd, a book for adults that work supporting children who are in grief, and The Magical Forest (working name) which is a tale written by a woman and her counselor documenting her journey to wellness, and reconnection, from a life of abuse and a multiple personality disorder.  Colleen has been presenting, writing and providing art for Circle Sanctuary since 2002, most recently designing the PSG logos for 2010-2018. Colleen has been showing her work in private and juried shows in the Chicago area since 2004.

    Colleen is the Owner and CEO of Beyond Bingo, Inc., a Senior Wellness Consulting & Programming Firm;  an award winning designer of programming for seniors, and author of Taking Flight! A Senior Whole Life Wellness Handbook for seniors and caregivers.  Her most recent program Murals to Remember ™ is a facilitated mural program that connects seniors with Alzheimers, and their caregivers, families and wider community members and assists them to create murals that foster reminiscence, the maintenance of cognitive function and interpersonal connections, and provide a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment. 

    Colleen gives workshops and seminars on a variety of topics and does private art instruction from her home for all ages, as well as art instruction for seniors in the Chicagoland area.  Colleen does Body Art; Custom Tattoo Designs; Visionary Art; and Commissioned pieces manifest from the visions and dreams of her clients. Mystical Willow Productions is the umbrella name for her Artistic Endeavors.

    Colleen has been an active member of the Pagan community for more than 30 years, is an Ovate member of OBOD, and a Reiki Master.  For the past 7+ years Colleen has been working directly with an Elder to train as a traditional firekeeper and water pourer for sweatlodges, with the goal to be the creation of a new type of lodge, created with reverence and honor to those who preceded us here on this land, and a remembering of the lands where we came from, and a combining of these things to do all honor to The Earth that now sustains us all and needs our help and healing to survive. 

    Colleen describes each of her works as “Doorways”, through which she hopes the viewer will travel to seek that which is hidden deeper within the image, and possibly on their visual journey, find doorways of their own to mysteries hidden deeper within themselves.   Colleen’s pieces give voice to the connection between the natural world and the magical realms, helping to reaffirm the magic within.



  • Friday, November 27, 2020 3:17 PM | Anonymous
    Visionary Art by Gaia Orion

    With deliberate, minute brush strokes, Gaia creates compelling geometric patterns with bold colors. Nature, global and figurative motifs coalesce and harmonize together in the spirit of wholeness and infinity. Her paintings beckon the viewer to relax and contemplate, explore, and discover the inner and outer worlds of existence.

    In sharing the artwork and connecting with others she discovered that these transformational themes are part of a larger visionary movement that is active in society today... as deep ecology, social justice, conscious politic, alternative economy, and so on...
    Uniting our vision and natural talents can become a catalyst for individual and collective change so that we can move together toward a healthier humanity.
    Gaia Orion has received international acclaim for her visionary paintings and for her participation in many worldwide projects that strive for positive change. The artist, who currently lives in Ontario, Canada was born in Paris, France and graduated with honors from Ecole des Beaux Arts as an architect. For more information and to view her art visit   www.gaiaorion.com

    For more information and to view her art visit   www.gaiaorion.com
  • Friday, October 30, 2020 8:57 PM | Anonymous
    Earthy Imaginations by Erin Dobell

    Greetings! My name is Erin Dobell and I am an artist, pastry chef, and nature lover nestled in the Finger Lakes of upstate New York. My entire life I have been known as a very creative person and could always be found baking, drawing, painting, working with beads, or making my own clothes. While attending high school, I took every kind of art class that would fit into my schedule. A favorite was ceramics, where one of my works was chosen to be featured at the Morris Museum known for celebrating art, science, history and performing arts in Morristown New Jersey. My dream was to be either a ceramics teacher or a fashion designer, or so I had thought.
    After studying pastry arts at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, I was a baker & cake decorater for the following decade. During my baking career I always continued my artistic endeavors and was a participant at craft shows & festivals, often sharing a booth with my mother from whom I inherited my creative flair.
    My mind is constantly rampant with ideas for new projects and "creating" marinates my soul in happiness. I enjoy sewing, painting & candle making to name a few, but especially LOVE working with beads. Over the years my driftwood beaded sun catchers have become my signature creation. I love everything about making them from searching the local lakeshore for driftwood, to stringing the glass and crystal beads, to adding gemstones and other natural details, to finally making sure they are balanced just right. I connect with each piece in a way I cannot describe; it brings me joy to create them and know that they will bring color, light and joy to others as well.
    A year ago I embarked on a new adventure to open a gift shop called Earthy Imaginations, taking the love of my hobby to the next level.
    If you would like to connect with me and view more of my work you can find me at www.earthyimaginations.com, on facebook at https://facebook.com/EarthyImaginations, and on Etsy under my shop name Earthy Imaginations.


  • Wednesday, September 30, 2020 12:48 PM | Anonymous
    Art by Heidi Cooper

    Northern Michigan Mom, fruit farmer, and hospitality hostess at Rocky Top Farms, sometime painter.
    Email to inquire

  • Monday, August 31, 2020 11:41 AM | Anonymous
    Soulflower by Lisa Estabrook

    My name is Lisa Estabrook. I am a mother, a graphic designer, an artist and an obsessive gardener. I have spent the last 30 years working in my gardens, tending and talking to the flowers and plants that grow there. I love learning about the plants, not just from books or classes but also directly from my connection with them. While my life goes through many ups and downs, as its does for us all, it is in the garden that I find solace and healing. It is there that I learned to have a deep trust and confidence in my ability to be well and prosper.
    I believe Spirit, or energy, is in all things. It flows through every atom that makes up our world. Every human, plant, animal, rock, river and insect is infused with Spirit’s living energy. It is the infinite source of all consciousness and it connects us all as one. I may not be able to see it, but I know this universal energy as truth. I believe this with all my heart, just as I believe in germs and atoms that I cannot perceive but I know exist.
    See her work here: https://mysoulflower.com/


  • Friday, July 31, 2020 2:33 PM | Anonymous

    Artwork by Vixie Styx

    Vixie StyxSeeing the Divine archetypes in the people around me, I am inspired to bring this essence into tangible form. I am a self taught artist, working primarily in oils and acrylics, sometimes infusing the paint with Bach Flower Essences or water energized by crystals and moonlight. Always experimenting, I have recently taken my art off the canvas into video art, computer generated images and performance art. I have written and illustrated a children's book that can be read at AFairyNamedWhisper.wordpress.com.

    I once received a song from the Fairy Realm that has become my mantra "Just Love Just Be Just Be in Love Just love Just Be Just Like a Tree Just Be Just Love Like Moon Above Just Love Just Be Just Be In Love". My current flight of fancy is in taking dictation from the Elemental Kingdom on my blog LettersFromTheUnitedWingdom.com. My paintings can be seen at KissTheSkyStudio.com.

    Vixie Styx

    Vixie Styx

    Vixie Styx

    Vixie Styx


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