Tis the time for Spring Cleanses...

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 2:09 PM | Anonymous

Tis the time for spring cleanses.

Seems like everywhere you look, there are ads for cleanses. So Heroic!
The Wise Woman Way nourishes, rather than getting rid of things. We add, trusting the new to push out the old.

But what if there is so much old, so much old trauma, that there is no room for the new? Isn’t that the idea behind cleansing? With that in mind, I offer these spring cleanses, to make room for spring renewal.

Eliminate the news. Stop drinking water. And toss the oil.

Eliminate the News.
Stop watching the news, stop reading the news, stop looking at the news. There is endless tragedy and strife between and among life forms. There is also endless joy. The news focuses on the tragedy and strife, according to one Buddhist wit, because we expect goodness, so we must report on the bad. It is not necessary to know the details to send kindness and compassion to all of life. When you eliminate the news, you open up the space for the joy of life. Focus on gratitude and delight in life.

Eliminate the Water.
While it is true that we are mostly water, every one of your watery cells is surrounded by fat. As you know, water and fat do not mix easily, so drinking water does little to hydrate the cells. Cells are designed to take in nutrient-rich liquids. Nourishing herbal infusions are nutrient dense, thus they hydrate infinitely better than plain water. Contrary to popular belief, water brewed with coffee, which is an herb, is more hydrating than plain water, and that is also true for water brewed with black tea, green tea, tea twigs, and herbs. Drink nourishing herbal infusion every day.

Eliminate the Oils.
Every cell in your body is surrounded by a protective film of lipids (fat). Your brain is mostly fat, including large amounts of cholesterol. Your hormones are specialized forms of fats. Just as the liquids we consume have a dramatic impact on our health, the fats we choose and use have an impact on our ability to thrive and enjoy life. (Studies show that the most hydrating liquid is full-fat milk.)

The worst oil in your life is essential oil. Essential oils are drugs, and, as such, have their place as anti-infectives. But you wouldn’t brush your teeth with antibiotics nor burn them to “cleanse” the air, and these aren’t good uses for essential oils either. Replace all products containing essential oils with your own herbal products.  Use yarrow tincture on your toothbrush. Choose unscented beauty products. Give any essentials oils that you have to someone else.

Sally Fallon reminds us (in “The Oiling of America”) that, with the exception of olive oil, humans have traditionally not used oils in their diets. Our primary fats are the fat we are: animal fat (yup, we are animals). The case for animal fats, including butter, eggs, full-fat yogurt and cheese, fatty fish and meats (organic or wild when possible, grass-fed meat and dairy absolutely) is a strong one and growing stronger each year. Eat less oil, and more animal fat, for a healthier cardio-vascular system, sturdier blood sugar, sharper mental functioning, stabilized moods, and more.

Green blessings
Spring Equinox 2021

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