Serenity Medicine to Remove Trauma

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 10:33 AM | Anonymous

Serenity Medicine to Remove Trauma

by Susun Weed



For relieving both acute and chronic trauma.
excerpt from Abundantly Well: Seven Medicines


A woman injured in a car accident 25 years previously
found it relieved her chronic pain.

Someone who fell off a cliff remembered to do this
and walked away without a bruise.

Repeat as often as desired.

~ Sit comfortably, with your back supported and upright.
~ Relax more and more with each breath. Be at ease. Sink.
~ Let go of your belly, your jaw, your throat. Relax more and more deeply with each breath. Be embraced.
~ Trust the breath. It is breathing you. Relinquish control.
~ Do nothing. Be vast. Be spacious.
~ Allow your mind to be open and soft. Recall the incident that traumatized you.
~Focus on the impact. Remember the contact. The hard part.
~ Then, say: “I am made of atoms. Everything is made of atoms. Atoms are mostly empty space.
~ Emptiness impacted emptiness. Nothing hit nothing. Spaciousness invaded spaciousness.
~ I am untouched.

“I am spacious. I am serene. I am empty. I am spaciousness breathing spaciousness.
I am breath arising from nothing, and returning to nothing.
I am the vast open space of Nothing.”

Breath arises and passes away. Thoughts arise and pass away.
Sensations arise and pass away. Emotions arise and pass away.
Life itself arises and passes away.
Breathing in and breathing out. Arising and passing away.
Arising out of emptiness and passing into emptiness. Alive with emptiness.
When you are ready, stretch, yawn, and sigh.
Open your eyes.
Say your name out loud. Reenter the world.

excerpt from Abundantly Well: Seven Medicines

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