week of January 10, 2017 - Returning Light

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 12:01 PM | Anonymous

Green Greetings of gathering light to you all.

It’s so obvious that the days are getting longer. The slant of the sun slides through the clouds carrying more warmth. Yes, yes, the coldest days are still to come, but the light has returned and spring is just around the corner.

I always look forward to February 2, six weeks before spring equinox, when spring is sprung and spring is begun. How well I remember being in Ireland many years ago during my birthday week (Feb 8) and seeing daffodils in bloom. Breathtaking! Daffodils are not likely to be blooming in the Catskills, with the winter weather we usually have, but sometimes there are snowdrops by February. And if I cut a branch of forsythia this week, it may be forced into bloom by then, too.

There is chickweed on my compost pile, but it’s too frozen to be used. However, I found a lovely chickweed plant just begging to be put in a salad when I visited Phoenix recently. Discover her with me right here. [link]

Back home, I am settling in to work on my next book: Abundantly Well, the Seven Medicines. I will have lots to more to say about it as the weeks go on. For now, I want to share that it is the culmination of thirty years work and I am thrilled and terrified at the prospect of finally finishing it. Lighting a candle on one of my altars helps me focus and find the joy at the heart of the terror. I have lots and lots of altars. Peek at a few with me here. [link]

I have also made some changes to the correspondence courses to modernize them; most notably, I have added a long list of MP3 files – some recent and some dating back thirty years – to the course, cut the prices for MP3s in half, and doubled the amount of files each student gets free. It’s like getting four times as much for the same price. If you’ve been thinking about starting a correspondence course, now is the time.  [link]

Of course, everyone has access to those MP3s, not just correspondence students. Please visit my bookshop and help yourself to a handful of interesting MP3 to enjoy on your commute or at your leisure. (These recording were made at conferences and many end and start mid-sentence and sometimes the audience comments and questions are inaudible.) [link]
Okay. It’s back to the new book now; back to writing. Next month I will share the table of contents with you.

Green blessings of abundance and joy.

Altars, Part 1

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