Essential Fats

Monday, April 09, 2018 8:58 PM | Anonymous

It's very important for to get essential fatty acids and other key nutrients that we can't manufacture ourselves, like Vitamin B12, however, for most people, getting those essential fatty acids from isolated substances is not as successful as getting them from integrated things. In other words, a capsule of fish liver oil is never going to take the place of eating fish, nor is flaxseed oil ever going to take the place of eating whole grains.

We can get the essential fatty acids we need if we're eating whole grain products, such as whole grain pasta or breads. If we have some beans and roots in our diet, and wild seeds, we're going to be getting those things; there are many sources for essential fatty acids.

We tend to live in a culture that isolates things and puts them in pills and bottles, then passes them off as health. My experience is that health has never come in a bottle or pill. Health is something that we build, that we nourish. That's not to say that I'm against drugs or surgery. I am very much for those things when they are needed. What I'm talking about is people taking things like flaxseed oil, supplements, or fish liver oils, rather than spending their energy and money on creating a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well, exercising well, and relaxing well.

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