Study Herbal Medicine and The Wise Woman Tradition

Friday, February 07, 2020 9:09 AM | Anonymous
Study Herbal Medicine and the Wise Woman Tradition with Susun Weed

via Correspondence Course

Video courses are lots of fun. I enjoy making them for you. But they do not allow me to have a personal relationship with you. And I really have little patience with online courses. I prefer to help you learn and offer support for your individual herbal goals via correspondence course.

There are many advantages to taking a correspondence course.

My correspondence courses offer one of the easiest ways to interact directly with me and learn how to use plants simply and safely. Each of my four courses includes three hours of my time: talking on the phone and writing to you, answering your personal questions about yourself, your health, your family, your pets, your garden, and the world in general. This alone is worth more than the price of the course.

“Better than an apprenticeship, because I can continue my work and my life while studying with Susun.”

My correspondence courses are ideal for those who want to learn herbal medicine at their own pace, with my loving guidance. Each course includes your choice of $100 worth of free audio-visual materials: MP3 files, CDs, and DVDs of my talks, workshops, and presentations. Your choice from a long and lavish list covering scores of topics including Talking with Plants, Menopause, Elements of Herbalism, trances, songs, and much much more.

“This course changed my life, my family, and my entire community for the better. Thank you!”

My correspondence courses help you explore green blessings wisely and effectively. Each course includes one or more books to aid you in your studies. And a free year of my mentorship program, where you will have access to new recordings of my classes, new videos, and other special materials. And, as a bonus gift, all correspondence course students who have paid in full, may take 50 percent off of any 3 one-day workshops with me at the Wise Woman Center.

“I appreciate how practical and specific you are, while still leaving room for fairies and playfulness.”

My correspondence courses never expire, and there is no time limit on your participation. You can put down your course for years and then start again right where you left off. Or zip through it in a few months. You learn at your pace, at the time that is best for you.

“Upon completing the envisioning project, I knew I had to be a midwife. That was four years ago. I am now a midwife and ready to start on the next project of my Green Witch Correspondence Course.”

My correspondence courses are not lessons to learn, but invitations to explore and experiment, to experience hands-on, to taste and touch and smell and be part of the life of the plants and the planet.

My correspondence courses are done in real time, via real mail. There is never any pressure. No deadlines. Nothing that you are required to turn in. The projects can be done in any order. You can write to me regularly or erratically. There are no grades. I am happy to comment on your work and answer your questions. And I will give you a graduation certificate when you are done.

All correspondence course students are welcome to participate in my monthly zoom meeting for as long as they like.


Go to WiseWomanSchool.com and Choose Your Course

  • ·         ABC of Herbalism: Enjoy a double-length course including 52 herbs, dozens of conditions, green ally assignments, and lots of herbal fun. Includes six herbals
  • ·         Green Witch: Attune yourself to plants, the planet, and your own divine self. Includes two herbals
  • ·         Green Ally: Spend a year or two focusing on one plant. One student wrote a doctorate on what she discovered about diatoms as a result of this course. Includes a field guide.
  • ·         Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition: Learn how to recognize and use the Three Traditions. Work with the Seven Medicines. Includes Healing Wise and my new book Abundantly Well.

Pay in full for your course and get your project booklet, your book/s, your audio-visual materials, and start your talk time with me right away.

Or, start any course for only $50 and make monthly payments. You get the entire course with your first payment. All of the projects. All of the affirmations. All of the instructions. All for $50.  The supporting materials come to you as you make further payments. 

You will be able to download your entire course at once if you wish. I will also send you a course booklet and supporting materials in the mail soon after I receive your registration.

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